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The bar at Pressure melts the lines between a cafe, restaurant and lounge. Come in and devour a meal during a comedy show....or enjoy a drink with your buddy while watching the game on our big screen TVs. Our new menu is a great conversation-piece... take a look!

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The Facts

  • Multiple 47" LCD HDTVs
  • 106" HD Projection Screen
  • Nightly Events/Specials

Music Gallery

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Artist Gallery

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The pool hall revamped - this is pool in a different light. With a contemporary feel and 13 professional 9ft Brunswick tables, this pool hall is designed to provide an intimidation-free environment for professional and recreational players alike. The 8 LCD TVs are the cues on the rack (icing on the cake); enjoy your favorite sporting events while you shoot.

The Facts

  • Goodtimes for everyone
  • 8 Flat-screen TVs
  • 13-9ft Brunswick Metro Tables

Rates & Equipment

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Upcoming Events

Sam Adams - $3
Classic Gold Burger - $6

Victoria - $3
Cheesy Fries - $4

Ladies Play Free*
Well or Wine - $5

All Drafts - $5
Classic Gold Burgers - $5

Jameo Shots - $4
Cheesy Fries - $4

Well Drinks - $5

$.50 Wings * (dine-in only)
Glass of Wine - $5
All Drafts - $5

$5/person from 5pm-7pm
Monday - Friday

Daily Specials

Tuesday - 8:30pm (Signup@8)
Hot Spot Open-mic Comedy

Our Story

Content1 Once upon a time, in a land not far away, there was a baby named Pressure Billiards and Cafe. She was born in September of 2005. This was no average baby... She had two sides to her face -- a cafe side and a billiard side. As Pressure grew, the two sides of her face grew, but with very distinct yet complementary characteristics. The cafe side grew to provide warmth and comfort through cheese fries and lattes, while the billiard side grew to be more contemporary and out-going.

Content1 As the cafe side matured, things started to change...comedy shows, local artists and spirits were now a part of its character. This side kept on giving and giving, offering free wi-fi to customers. On the flip-slide, the party animal on the billiard side came out. It added flat-screen TVs for sports, maintained great quality tables and provided a dynamic look at pool. And what a dynamo these two sides became.

Never seen in combination before, they portrayed vastly differing ideas while still achieving one goal. Through the connected cafe and poolhall, Pressure's vision is to provide a place for the community to enjoy the company of others and partake in a great recreational sport. Come by and check out the two sides for yourself.

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6318 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 743-7665
M-F 1pm-2am
Sat 10am-2am
Sun 12pm-2am
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